Announcing... Conosaurus!

About Conosaurus

Conosaurus is a resource that helps independent creators and fans manage their convention schedules. We know there are quite a few convention databases already in existence, but we’re building Conosaurus to be as useful to exhibitors as possible… And most importantly, we’re keeping it free to use!

Currently, Conosaurus is focused on indie and mainstream comic conventions, zine fairs, and independent publishing festivals. We might expand to other convention types in the future if there’s a demand for it. This is just the beginning.

Conosaurus is just ✨ONE MONTH✨ away from our expected release date! 

My husband John and I have been working on this site off and on for the last couple years. HUNDREDS of hours have been devoted to its development... and on April 17th, it'll finally be publically live.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been running a weekly newsletter digest of helpful convention info & news. Now we’re preparing to release the site where much of that helpful info has been coming from!

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