Belchville Books & Pins are here!

I received the first batch of 100 Belchville books this past week and they look BEAUTIFUL!

Print Ninja did an absolutely wonderful job and I couldn't be happier. The remaining 400 books will be here in June, which is when I'll begin shipping to the Kickstarter backers.

For those who missed out on the Kickstarter - you can now pre-order copies of Belchville at Storenvy!

You can also go to Storenvy to grab a Moose Logo pin!




Check out these beautiful photos that Print Ninja Sent me today:

Available to pre-order on Storenvy for $10. Will ship in June!

...Annnnd here are the pins that were made!

Limited Run of 25 - only available through Kickstarter.

Run of 100 - Available on Storenvy for $5!

Run of 100 - Available on Storenvy for $5!