Earthbound Party - SPX 2015

I'm very, VERY excited to announce the release of EARTHBOUND PARTY!, Blank Party's debut fanzine anthology! Edited by me and the other Blank Party co-founders, Reilly Hadden and Sarah "Chu" Willson. Designed by yours truly, with a forward by Reilly.

Earthbound Party! will debut at The Small Press Expo in Bethesda, MD on September 19th. For more information on where to find Earthbound Party! at SPX, or on how to order it online, visit/follow us at our website for updates as the 19th draws closer.

See you at SPX!

Logo design by Reilly Hadden & myself, Cover illustration by Chu.

Earthbound Party! is 60 pages with art and comics by: 

  • CrayonChewer
  • Tom O’Brien
  • Tegan Robichaud
  • Stephen R. Bissette
  • Audry
  • Declan McCarthy
  • Bugbyte
  • Elizabeth Simins
  • Bridget Comeau
  • Chu
  • Kotaline Jone
  • Reilly Hadden
  • R.B. Miller
  • D. Rinlyo
  • Carl Salbacka
  • Henry Guerra
  • Anna Craig
  • Fionn McCabe
  • Stephanie Zuppo
  • Rio Aubry Taylor
  • John A Carvajal