Words & Pictures Community Print Shop


I've been very busy over the course of the past few months. I started a new community print shop in Essex Junction, VT called Words & Pictures!

We found a really nice spot above Martone's Market and successfully crowdfunded $6k to get ourselves up and running with screenprint and bookbinding equiptment.

For now we have a few (cartoonist) studio members and are starting to run workshops in the space... but we hope to open it up to memberships soon! If you're interested in a studio space or a membership, please contact us at wordsandpicturesvt[at]gmail[dot]com!

Here's a couple of cool articles about us -
Seven Days
Essex reporter

Vermont Comic Creators Art Show!

The Vermont Comic Creators Group has a show up at The Gallery at Main Street Landing from Nov 3rd - Dec 30th... and I'm in it!

Here's some photos of us hanging it last week. It's really an amazing show, with so much great VT talent represented.

Lots of Ladybroad art is included too! Check it out!!

Submit to The Ladybroad Ledger Issue #3!


The Ladybroad Ledger is a group of female and nonbinary cartoonists from the Burlington, VT area. Our goal is to produce a FREE twice annual newsprint publication to promote comics and comic art by femme Vermont cartoonists and distribute it throughout the state.

If you’re a lady-identifying, lady-presenting, or lady-like person who makes comics in Vermont and would like to get involved, we would love for you to be a part of our second issue to debut in the Winter of 2018!

Check out our previous issues on Gumroad for an idea of what we print!  https://gumroad.com/ladybroadledger


Announcing... Conosaurus!

About Conosaurus

Conosaurus is a resource that helps independent creators and fans manage their convention schedules. We know there are quite a few convention databases already in existence, but we’re building Conosaurus to be as useful to exhibitors as possible… And most importantly, we’re keeping it free to use!

Currently, Conosaurus is focused on indie and mainstream comic conventions, zine fairs, and independent publishing festivals. We might expand to other convention types in the future if there’s a demand for it. This is just the beginning.

Conosaurus is just ✨ONE MONTH✨ away from our expected release date! 

My husband John and I have been working on this site off and on for the last couple years. HUNDREDS of hours have been devoted to its development... and on April 17th, it'll finally be publically live.

For the last few weeks, we’ve been running a weekly newsletter digest of helpful convention info & news. Now we’re preparing to release the site where much of that helpful info has been coming from!

You can support our project by becoming a patron on Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/conosaurus

The Ladybroad Ledger has arrived!

THEY’VE ARRIVED!! Issue #1 of The Ladybroad Ledger has made it to Vermont and they're slowly making their way out into the wild. You can keep track of their progress over at our Instagram.

Now that they’re here, we’ve also made the PDF version available for FREE download.
Get it here: https://gumroad.com/l/WlUna

We've also been in the news a bit since our launch:

And lastly, we're having a release party at Generator's new makerspace in Burlington! Join us to celebrate our first issue on March 4th from 7 - 10pm. This event is free and open to the public - Anyone interested in the femme comics scene in Vermont is welcome! Learn about The Ladybroad Ledger and hang out with other artists and like-minded folks. We’ll have plenty of issues for you to take home!  RSVP here.

El viaje mas caro/The Most Costly Journey

This past summer, I had the amazing opportunity to work with Vermont Folklife Center and Open Door Clinic to make a comic for El viaje mas caro/The Most Costly Journey.

You can now read the full comic here: 

"The Most Costly Journey (in Spanish, El viaje más caro) is an ethnographic cartooning project that employs collaborative storytelling as a tool to mitigate loneliness, isolation, and despair among Latin American migrant farm workers on Vermont dairy farms.

The Most Costly Journey is a collaboration between the Open Door ClinicVermont Folklife CenterUVM Extension Bridges to HealthUVM Anthropology, and Marek Bennett's Comics Workshop.

The project is supported by the Vermont Community Foundation Innovations and Collaborations grant and other generous supporters."

Help Print The Ladybroad Ledger Issue #1!

Click here to check out our Gofundme campaign!

The Ladybroad Ledger is a group of female and nonbinary cartoonists from the Burlington, VT area. Our goal is to produce a FREE twice annual newsprint publication to promote comics and comic art by femme Vermont cartoonists and distribute it throughout the state.

Issue #1 is 12 pages of newsprint goodness with comics by Rachel Lindsay, Julianna Brazill, Laura Martin, Sandy Bartholomew, Bridget Comeau, Susan Norton, Angela Boyle, Kelly Swann, Michelle Sayles, Iona Fox, and Stephanie Zuppo. It also features a color cover by Glynnis Fawkes.

The money funded through this gofundme will go towards the cost of printing and shipping 2,000 copies of the first issue of The Ladybroad Ledger. Physical copies of the comic will be distributed and available for free throughout the state of Vermont and at comic shows in New England.

The publication will be printed through Park Press and will be available in print form in February.

As a thank you for supporting independent comics creators, anyone who contributes money to this project will recieve a downloadable .PDF of the publication when it is finished!

The Ladybroad Ledger

I just realized that I haven't posted about my new project, The Ladybroad Ledger.

The Ladybroad Ledger is a group of femme cartoonists from the Burlington, VT area. Our goal is to produce a FREE twice annual newsprint publication to promote comics and comic art by femme Vermont cartoonists and distribute it throughout the state.

We are currently accepting submissions for our first issue.

Issue #1 also happens to feature a fantastic cover by Burlington cartoonist, Glynnis Fawkes!

We expect to have this issue out early next year! You can follow us on Facebook if you'd like to know when and where to get a copy. :)

Upcoming Events!

I have so many upcoming events to tell you about! Geez!

First off, I'll be in DC this weekend (with my good friend Anna Sellheim!) for DC Zine Fest. This is going to be my first time tabling at DC Zine Fest and I've heard such great things about this show, I couldn't be more excited!

On July 30th I will be helping with a comics event at the ECHO center on Burlington's waterfront! This event is in collaboration with The Vermont Comic Creators Group, which is a fantastic resource for anyone who makes comics in Vermont. I'll be teaching three workshops over the course of the event:

10:30am & 12pm: One Sheet comic workshop - Check out some handmade comics and make a mini comic book with one sheet of paper!
1pm: Character Design (with the help of my friend Jesse DuRona!) - What makes a good character? We'll talk about character design and create some of our own!

This event is free with regular admission! Hope to see you there!! :)

Finally, I will be teaching a week-long summer camp on Cartooning at The Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, VT from August 1st - 5th. All available spots have been filled, but there's a waiting list in case any open up!

Banjo-Partie is here!

Blank Party!'s 2nd fanzine anthology is finally here and you can now grab a copy at my shop!

More info about Banjo-Partie:

Banjo-Party is a video game fanzine anthology of comics and fanart dedicated to Banjo-Kazooie! 60pgs full color / 22 contributors

Comics and art by: 
Reilly Hadden
Brian Thomas
Cameron Reigle
M. Tarah Henry
Perry Santulli
Kevin Budnik
Sarah Tacey
Jennifer Russell
Shannon TJ
Clayton Chowaniec
Nathan Richards
Fionn McCabe
Ryan Oldis

Designed and Edited by me! Co-edited by Chu & Reilly.

The project was organized and produced by Blank Party!: a group of cartoonists who work together to make comics, anthologies, and video recordings dedicated to video games. http://blankparty.club

Belchville Books & Pins are here!

I received the first batch of 100 Belchville books this past week and they look BEAUTIFUL!

Print Ninja did an absolutely wonderful job and I couldn't be happier. The remaining 400 books will be here in June, which is when I'll begin shipping to the Kickstarter backers.

For those who missed out on the Kickstarter - you can now pre-order copies of Belchville at Storenvy!

You can also go to Storenvy to grab a Moose Logo pin!




Check out these beautiful photos that Print Ninja Sent me today:

Available to pre-order on Storenvy for $10. Will ship in June!

...Annnnd here are the pins that were made!

Limited Run of 25 - only available through Kickstarter.

Run of 100 - Available on Storenvy for $5!

Run of 100 - Available on Storenvy for $5!

IT'S OVER! (and we're fully funded!)

( This was originally posted over at my Kickstarter )

YAYYYYY! This Kickstarter is over and we're fully funded!

This weekend, I also finalized the proof with my printer! Print Ninja has been an absolute dream to work with and I couldn't be happier! I am SO EXCITED to get these books! The first 100 copies should be in just in time for TCAF in May.

Here's a few previews~

The cover! ALl of the black will be spot-gloss for clarity against the dark blue background.

The cover! ALl of the black will be spot-gloss for clarity against the dark blue background.

A pattern that I made for the inside cover!

A pattern that I made for the inside cover!

Everything laid out all nicely in InDesign!

Everything laid out all nicely in InDesign!

Anyway, .pdfs will be sent out to EVERYONE who contributed $5 or more, later this week! :)

Thank you all so much for contributing and helping to make Belchville, VT Volume One a reality! This is the best.


A few days ago I launched a Kickstarter to help print a collection of the first 3 issues of Belchville, VT!

My goal is to print 500 copies of a perfect bound, paperback collection to drastically cut printing costs, which would allow me to sell Belchville at a cheaper price. This would also make it possible for me to sell at bookstores, comic shops, and other small venues in Vermont and beyond!

You can pre-order the comic for $10 through Kickstarter! I am also re-printing Belchville bumper stickers and making patches, which you can acquire at the $15 or $20 levels. :)

Check it out!